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Relaxed, modern sensibility wrapped in fully-serviced comforts

At Waterfront Suites, every apartment enjoys the view of the sea and every room inside is treated to a balcony linking the outdoor realm seamlessly to the indoor. Great ceiling height (at 2.9 metres) gives our spaces a lofty look and feel. Bespoke wood-rich fittings create a basic tonal palette, that is delicately matched with modern textile finishing to create an original look. Mirrored vanity unit and marbled wall offers the bathrooms a sense of lavish modernity. The kitchen, fully-equipped with European chinaware and appliances, is wrapped warmly in walnut veneer and marbled Corian countertops. Finally, the omnipresence of global modernity continues with state-of-the-art amenities including 1Gigabite high-speed internet connections, wireless home keys and iPad-controlled lighting.




1-bedroom duplex

2-bedroom duplex

2.5-bedroom duplex

2-bedroom penthouse (with jacuzzi)

3-bedroom penthouse (with pool)